Careology's 2019 - an epic year!

December 31, 2019

At Careology, we are determined to help everyone living and dealing with cancer to make the down days more manageable - and the up days come more often. 

When I first embarked on the idea of Careology, I knew I had to build a digital service and a platform that was truly game changing - not only for those receiving cancer treatment, but also for those delivering that care.  

We understand all too well that a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, is daunting and debilitating.  Everyone’s cancer story is unique. But what unites every person with cancer is the dedicated network of friends, family, carers, nurses, clinicians, healthcare providers and payers that support them on their journey.  These exceptional people are the rocks of empathy, understanding, knowledge and resource that have the most impact on how a person with cancer feels. 

By using Careology’s digital technology to keep that network connected, we can empower patients to feel more in control of their cancer journey. And we can give the teams supporting them the knowledge they need to make sure that story has the best possible outcome.

Yes, there will still be down days. But, together, we can help make them more manageable - and make the up days come more often.

2019 - AN EPIC YEAR!

As anybody who has been involved in a start-up knows, it takes a lot to turn a good idea into a great product… and a great product into an excellent company… and today I’m proud to share some highlights from this past year.  

Our mission is clear - to transform traditional cancer care by providing a unique patient-first solution that is intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

“You can really tell that this comes from someone who really understands”.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.32.13.png

Hundreds of conversations with patients, carers, nurses and consultants have helped inform our feature-set and thoughtful design. After the success of our first cohort of users in a controlled pilot, we launched Careology in the UK & Ireland iOS App Store. Over the last 6 months we’ve been blown away with the growth rate, usage metrics and feedback we’ve received - both from the industry and end-users. And we now look forward to starting a number of phased deployments with healthcare providers and health insurance companies next year. Providing the technology that enables them to deliver digitally enhanced. connected cancer care. 

“The app has everything I need and I often show it to people in the hospital!”

The very best technology never stays still for long, it evolves, responds and iterates quickly. Careology is no different, we have released numerous enhancements to date and have an exciting roadmap full of new features coming thick and fast throughout 2020! 


Careology was founded after my family’s experience of cancer, blended with my background in wearable health-tech. And it was clearly important to start assembling a multi-disciplinary team who are as passionate about providing next-generation cancer care as I am. I’ve never been more excited by a team than the one that has come together at Careology - we have an extraordinary blend of expertise, drive and determination (we also welcomed two new babies to the team!) I look forward to growing the team in 2020 and adding more rockstar hires to take on key roles and join us in our new central London office ...

Our £1.1M fundraising in November enabled us to strengthen our stella board and we welcomed Dr. Henry Carleton as Chairman and Alan Marks, former NED of Receipt Bank, as Investor Director. They joined Fergus Kee, former CEO of Bupa Insurance. As well as our board, Careology is supported by  world-class advisory and clinical boards, including internet industry pioneer and prominent angel investor, Carl Uminski, Dr. Benjamin Taylor - Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Miss Joanna Franks - Oncoplastic Surgeon.



Forming strong associations and partnering with others has been crucial in helping us to develop our rich user experience. This year we have enjoyed working closely with a number of leading cancer charities, trusts, private healthcare and medical insurance providers, pharma companies and a range of supporting services. We look forward to collaborating with more organisations next year. We also look forward to being involved in a number of events, conferences and symposiums nationally and internationally!

Some incredible businesses have been supporting us this year, to establish solid foundations in branding, marketing, PR, digital, data science, book-keeping... all of them are experts in their fields - so thank you to everyone involved... you know who you are! 

We’ve received some cracking media coverage about our proposition, including appearing in Forbes, being invited onto the You, Me & The Big C podcast and most recently when I was interviewed on BBC News.

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Change the cancer story by creating more up days for everyone

Careology will fundamentally transform the delivery of digital cancer care. Better visibility, better data, and better predictions will lead to earlier interventions that, in turn, will provide a better experience and ultimately, better outcomes.

I’d like to thank everyone who has generously supported us and helped us to launch Careology.  2019 was an epic, formative year for Careology and we look forward to 2020 with great excitement.

All the best to you and yours for the year ahead!  Here’s to a healthy, happy & prosperous 2020. 


If you’d like to learn more or if you’d like to share your experience or your feedback with us please let me know. (

Paul Landau

Founder & CEO - Leading Careology to deliver more Up Days for everyone living and dealing with cancer.

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