Careology partners with The London General Practice  to launch Careology Connect for COVID-19 cases

October 1, 2020

Careology has partnered with The London General Practice to launch ‘Careology Connect’, to allow clinicians to remotely monitor their patients’ Covid-19 symptoms and intervene when medical attention is required among the 50,000 patients the London General Practice has on record. 

The Careology Connect mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android, connects with leading Bluetooth wearable devices to automatically record users’ temperature, heart rate, weight, and activity levels. Users can also log and track the progression of their Covid-19 symptoms and oxygen saturation, alerting the London General Practice when symptoms are severe enough to warrant further medical attention. Patients can also share this information with remote family and friends, giving them peace of mind from afar.

For many people, periods of self-isolation and social distancing can impact their mental health and overall wellbeing. Careology Connect helps users track their mood and encourages users to share their status with remote family and friends. 

Richard Pisarski, Managing Director at London General Practice comments:

“Our focus is to treat our patients as individuals, providing them with round the clock care when they need it most. During the coronavirus pandemic we have listened carefully to our patients needs and have created a solution to help better support them, whether they are at home or returning to the office. 

Our ‘Corona Safety Net’ offer combines clinical video consultations with patient self-management. We send our patients equipment such as blood pressure monitors and Oxygen monitors through the post or by courier, and these vital signs can then be automatically synced with their Careology Connect mobile app. Our patients log and score their symptoms as they progress and if there are any issues, they are then flagged to our Doctors through the Careology Professional dashboard. This dashboard shows their patients’ health information and enables us to proactively intervene if needed. Careology Connect adds to our suite of tools used to provide flexible, personal care to patients which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Paul Landau, Founder of Careology, says:

“Earlier in the year, as Coronavirus started to take grip, it became clear that our existing Digital Cancer Care technology could be used effectively to help everybody track and monitor any Coronavirus symptoms - making it easy to share if things were improving or getting worse. It also allows people to manage any medication they are taking, keep notes, and even access relevant public health information. We thought it was important to launch Careology Connect as a free, stand-alone app, available to everyone. We believe tech-enabled individual self-management paired with remote monitoring plays a key role as we navigate how to live with Coronavirus.

We are proud to be partnering with The London General Practice and helping them deliver a first-rate patient experience during such a challenging time.”

Addressing concerns about the UK’s rising number of cases, Careology also aims to ease the burden on the NHS by extending the use of Careology Connect to the general public. This would provide the same access to the app but without the direct connection to London General Practice. 


About Careology

Careology is building the world’s leading digital cancer care platform. By equipping and seamlessly connecting patients, caregivers and healthcare teams in a complex pathway, our mission is to use technology to transform traditional cancer care and change everyone’s cancer story for the better. Today the platform allows patients to manage and navigate all aspects of treatment from their device, while leveraging critical data on symptoms, medications, side effects and more, to deliver insight and analysis to clinical teams through a ‘virtual ward’. By increasing the potential for patients to self-serve, improving workflows, making 24/7 monitoring possible and putting a unique data set to work, we are helping to relieve pressure on health systems, while reducing costs, improving patient and clinician experience, and optimising health outcomes.


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