Announcing our listing on Cancer Care Map

December 16, 2019

Careology is pleased to announce our inclusion on Cancer Care Map.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis is the start of a daunting journey for each individual and their family. We believe that you may be a patient, but you’re still the same person you were before your diagnosis. Our aim is to support people going through and beyond treatment, helping you feel confident and cared for. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our inclusion on Cancer Care Map

Cancer Care Map launched in 2018 and works with organisations across the UK to signpost care and support service for people living with cancer. The aim is to support them and their families during and beyond treatment. This comprehensive and up-to-date online directory includes over 1,120 services and was developed with the input of current and former cancer patients, carers and clinical staff. By joining up care services, the aim is to ensure no person goes unsupported.

Paul Landau, Founder & CEO of Careology said “Cancer Care Map’s mission of ensuring people affected by cancer have access to the right support at the right time is something that really resonates with us at Careology. We believe digital tools and intelligent technology really can help make things a little less complicated at a time when they’re complicated enough already.”

Robin Prichard, Co-Director, Cancer Care Map added, “often there are amazing things in your local area that you might not be aware of such as charities offering transport to and from appointments or even foster care for your cat and dog if you have to go into hospital for a period of time. There are loads of amazing online and digital resources available as well, and we’re delighted to include Careology. Cancer Care Map is here to connect you with things that can really make a huge difference at a very difficult time.”

About Careology
The Careology platform has been developed to provide a connected health-tech solution that addresses the significant challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. It adopts learnings from the consumer wellness and wearables sectors, to create a truly ‘people-first’ service. Available on iOS  and Android.



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