Scrapping the 10-Year Cancer Plan

May 26, 2023

Commenting on the recently published results of the consultation for the scrapped 10-Year Cancer Plan our Founder and CEO, Paul Landau said:

“The huge public response to this consultation clearly demonstrates that cancer is worthy of its own strategy. With the decision to scrap the 10-year Cancer Plan I fear these people’s voices will be ignored. While the government has said it will publish a Major Conditions Strategy that includes cancer instead, this single strategy risks stagnating the improvements being made in cancer care right now.


“72% of the people that responded said ‘improving access and experiences of cancer treatment’ should be prioritised over the next decade. This is a clear message from patients, their families and experts. Without a dedicated cancer plan to reduce wait times, patients will experience longer delays in diagnosis and treatment which will have a detrimental impact on patient outcomes. 


“We need a plan which paints a clear picture of how we are going to improve people’s access and experience of cancer treatment now. This problem isn’t going to go away anytime soon and the need will only compound with time. Digital cancer care has a clear role to play in this as it provides patients with access to information about their diagnosis and treatment options, supports them to manage their treatment while at home, and enables healthcare professionals to track their progress and identify any potential issues early on.  If we’re going to improve outcomes for cancer patients, we urgently need a dedicated cancer plan which considers the views of cancer experts, care teams, charities and people with lived experience."



About Careology

Careology is building the world’s leading digital cancer care platform. By equipping and seamlessly connecting patients, caregivers and healthcare teams in a complex pathway, our mission is to use technology to transform traditional cancer care and change everyone’s cancer story for the better. Today the platform allows patients to manage and navigate all aspects of treatment from their device, while leveraging critical data on symptoms, medications, side effects and more, to deliver insight and analysis to clinical teams through a ‘virtual ward’. By increasing the potential for patients to self-serve, improving workflows, making 24/7 monitoring possible and putting a unique data set to work, we are helping to relieve pressure on health systems, while reducing costs, improving patient and clinician experience, and optimising health outcomes.


Cassie Taylor

Head of Brand and Marketing - Transforming the way we all live and deal with cancer

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