LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare rolls out Careology with centralised triage system to support oncology patients

July 17, 2023
LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH) is rolling out Careology’s digital cancer care platform. This will allow LPCH to better support patients living with cancer and enable the Oncology Nurse Specialist Team to support more people faster. 

Nurses working for LPCH, one of the leading providers in clinical homecare, will be the first to use Careology as part of a centralised system to triage patients, enabling nurses to promptly assess individuals and ascertain their specific requirements for enhanced support or urgent medical attention.  
This system means that LPCH patients nationwide will have direct access to a dedicated Oncology Nurses Specialist Team. As a result, patients will be less dependent on conventional hospital communication channels or be required to make physical visits to get immediate assessments or nursing guidance. It is anticipated that this approach will lead to a reduction in the number of cancer patients needing to go to A&E and enable both clinicians and patients to better manage symptoms in their own community. 

Previously, patients could only reach oncology nurse advisors by phone during working hours. Utilising Careology's remote monitoring technology, LPCH can now provide this service 24/7 which will eliminate and free up clinical capacity. This direct access to the LPCH team will help to relieve anxiety for patients, improve care and reduce the number of people going into hospitals for non-urgent matters as their queries and concerns can be promptly addressed, from the comfort of their own homes. 

The inbound triage line will be accessible within the Careology app to add a digital element to the nurse team's care. This will enable nurses to work more efficiently by identifying and prioritising patients who may require intervention or support in managing any side effects or other issues 

The continued partnership with LPCH will see the Careology app go live in July 2023 and be provided to all oncology patients as a central element in their care. It will be embedded into the daily clinical pathways and processes across LPCH.  


Commenting on the partnership, Natalie Bingham, Lead Cancer Nurse at LPCH said: “We know this will be an important tool for both our patients and staff. Patients can now make direct contact with oncology nurses who are able to assess their symptoms and offer advice instantly, helping nurses across LPCH prioritise patients needing urgent care to ensure faster escalations for any clinical interventions. It will also help alleviate patient anxieties between appointments and give them peace of mind, which is fundamental to supporting them throughout their cancer journey.” 


LPCH will also use Careology to gather data from patients on their care needs and primary symptoms, to help build a more comprehensive bank of resources for them to access via the app.  


Bingham added: “The widespread implementation of Careology across LPCH is a unique opportunity for us to lead the way in providing exceptional care to those in need.” 


Paul Landau, CEO and Founder of Careology said: “We’re excited to continue this special partnership with LPCH to bring a new level of care to people living with cancer and alleviate pressure on the cancer workforce. This new model of care helps patients feel better supported and connected to their oncology nurses not just during appointments but also when they're at home. This is crucial to the wellbeing of patients and transforming traditional cancer care using technology. 

“We're really proud that our partnership is making all this possible. It's exciting to be able to create new models of care that can relieve the pressure on cancer services. And the best part is, these models will have a far-reaching impact on healthcare providers around the world. We're humbled to be able to make a difference to the lives of those living and dealing with cancer.” 


Careology empowers people living with cancer by enabling them to easily navigate key elements of their treatment in a digital-first way, providing much-needed reassurance between appointments. Patients can track their symptoms, such as pain and nausea, vital signs through wearable devices or within the Careology app.   The Careology app can connect to clinicians, caregivers and family, allowing them to be more proactive in their care and support. Careology’s leading technology provides unique, real-time insight to clinical teams so that clinical resource is directed where it is needed most, helping to reduce pressure on healthcare systems. 


About Careology

Careology is building the world’s leading digital cancer care platform. By equipping and seamlessly connecting patients, caregivers and healthcare teams in a complex pathway, our mission is to use technology to transform traditional cancer care and change everyone’s cancer story for the better. Today the platform allows patients to manage and navigate all aspects of treatment from their device, while leveraging critical data on symptoms, medications, side effects and more, to deliver insight and analysis to clinical teams through a ‘virtual ward’. By increasing the potential for patients to self-serve, improving workflows, making 24/7 monitoring possible and putting a unique data set to work, we are helping to relieve pressure on health systems, while reducing costs, improving patient and clinician experience, and optimising health outcomes.


​​About LPCH  

LPCH are one of the most experienced providers of clinical homecare in the UK, and we’ve been supporting patients in this way since 1975.  We provide care to more than 100,000 patients in the comfort of their own home, at their place of work or in the community. Our services range from the delivery of medication to specialist nursing care for complex conditions.  

Our nationwide network of specialist trained oncology nurses mean we can provide vital care to patients outside of hospitals and within the community. Our team work to hospital approved protocols and robust evidence based clinical practice, we provide everything the patient needs: intravenous and oral systemic anti-cancer treatments, supportive medications, ancillary products, equipment, and our on-call service is operated by our clinical contact team. 

We work with medical insurers, consultants and self-funding patients and we know how complex this specialist area of treatment can be. 





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